ReconciliationOver the last few weeks, ever since Ash Wednesday,
we’ve been talking about this season of Lent as a journey.
It is a journey that helps us get serious for a while before being overwhelmed
by secular festivities involving baskets full of candied eggs and chocolate bunnies.
It is the journey that gets us ready for the good news of Easter.

The important truth, however, is the journey of Lent takes us into unusual territory.
We begin the journey with ashes and then
immediately follow Jesus into the wilderness for a time of temptation and testing.
The Lenten journey reaches its climax stumbling toward the Cross, the crucifixion of Christ,
and placing the broken body of Jesus in a sealed tomb.
Lent, indeed, takes us into unusual territory.

Although this congregation does not usually focus on the Cross,
it’s hard to get to Easter without traveling past it.
And even though Christians go on this journey knowing that
the good news of Easter will soon follow,
still Lent, seems to ask us to first travel where we would rather not .

At Lent, we journey to tough places and unusual territories –
choosing to place ourselves in a place of suffering.
The landscape of Lent lands us at the Cross.

So what about us this Lent?
To what places of human suffering will the journey to the Cross take us?

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