Parables of Jesus

Theology Reading Group:  Tuesday April 25, 6:30 PM

The Parables of Jesus (Jesus Seminar), by Robert Funk, et al.

Jesus died in about 30 CE.  The first gospels were not written for several decades after that, and in the intervening years, Jesus’ teachings were preserved by oral tradition.  This short book focuses on the parables of Jesus, which tell us so much about his understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The book sifts through the parables and reaches conclusions about which of the parables are most likely to have been taught by Jesus.  Along the way, it brings in a lot of helpful background information about how and when the different gospels were written. 

The authors were members of the Jesus Seminar, which was a comprehensive project to determine which parts of the Gospels are closest to the historical Jesus.  Their work in this book is intended for a general audience and it not only gives clear statements of the authors’ conclusions about the parables, but it also walks the reader through their process in an accessible manner. 

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