May 14 Second Sunday offering to support Michael Joseph,

Global Ministries missionary to Colombia

Global Ministries is a joint ministry of the United Church of Christ and the Disciples of Christ.  The partnership started 50 years ago, with the establishment of a joint Southern Asian office with shared staff.  Since 1996, the Common Global Ministries Board has overseen the ministry, co-managed by both denominations and missionaries throughout the world.  (Go to for more info.) 

Michael Joseph has been the Global Ministries missionary in Colombia for several years.  He now serves with the Restoration, Life and Peace Commission of the Council of Evangelical Churches (CEDECOL) in Bogotá.  The Peace Commission works with pastors, lay leaders, Christian organizations and entire congregations from many different denominations to meet the needs of the communities they serve as they struggle with the effects of violent conflict.  Colombia’s internal armed conflict spanned over 50 years, and while the motivation behind the conflict was political and not religious, Protestant and evangelical churches (which comprise 10-15% of the population) have been heavily affected by the fighting.  As churches seek to be beacons of hope and peace in the midst of conflict and the hard work of implementing the recent peace accord between the government and the FARC guerillas, they can turn to the Evangelical Council’s Peace Commission for support.

In his current appointment, Michael is helping start a new Peace Studies Center at the Baptist University and Seminary of Cali, a joint venture between the university and three other faith-based non-profits.  Though the Peace Studies Center has its academic base at the university in Cali, he will continue to live in Bogotá and be part of the team at Justapaz, the Colombian Mennonite Center for Justice, Peace and Nonviolent Action.  As 2017 gets underway he will be working to shape the Peace Studies Center which will research the impact of violence on churches and their role in peacebuilding, training of religious peace workers and taking action for peace.

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