Nurture – October 15 – Climate Action in the Age of Trump

with Vicki Arroyo, Georgetown Climate Center

The federal government may be stocked with those who deny climate change, but the scientific consensus has become rock solid and the effects of climate change are appearing now in increased heat, melting ice, desertification, extreme storms, sea level rise, wildfires, ocean acidification, coral destruction, and many other consequences.  The poor and marginalized are likely to suffer the most, while most heat-trapping gases are emitted to support affluent lifestyles.  What is still being done to reduce emissions and adapt to minimize the harms?  What can be done collectively and individually?  What does God call each of to do?

Peter Byrne, who is faculty director of the Climate Center, will lead a conversation with Vicki.  Come with your concerns and questions about the future of the earth. Noon, October 15, Community Hall.