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Please provide the event name that will be used to promote it to the public
If you need space for more than one event such as needing rehearsal space for a concert, please use the time fields here for the primary event and include details about additional needs below in the event description box.
This is usually the time that the front doors are unlocked.
Please enter a range of low to high. Please include participants in the program in your calculation. Something like: 50-150.
If alcohol will be served, proof of the appropriate DC ABRA license and proof of liability insurance providing coverage to FCUCC is required. Applicant must provide any security required by ABRA.
Please describe how you would like the room setup in terms of chairs, tables, lectern, etc. Please note that we do not provide linens.
Please describe what you will need regarding A/V equipment: quantity and type. While rental includes use of the A/V equipment in the room, it does not include a technician to run it.
Please check those you would like to use. Use of the piano incurs a $100 fee; $250 if you wish the piano tuned specifically for your event. Use of the organ incurs a $150 fee; $500 if you wish the organ tuned specifically for your event.