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March Gabriel’s Horn| February 21 Weekly Newsletter

Faith Formation at First Church

First Church is committed to lifespan faith formation.

Through Sunday School classes, adult nurtures, events, and service activities, First Church strives to create a breadth of opportunities to help us grow in love of God and love of neighbor.

Theologically, we are guided by three principles:

“Here I Am” (1 Samuel 3)
Created in the image of God and received with God’s unconditional love, we are called to bring our full selves to God. Through God’s Love and grace, we strive to be a community that is able to care and lift up one another during both times of joy, as well as times of brokenness.

“To love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30-31)
Jesus’s great commandment calls on us to break down all the barriers that separate us from one another, and to work toward creating a beloved community that reflects God’s love for us all. As a church that has valued being open and affirming, anti-racist, and a Sanctuary church, we continue to stretch ourselves to boldly love our neighbor.

“It takes a village” (old proverb)
Whether it is Sunday School or intergenerational worship, service opportunities or community gatherings, we recognize that from the youngest to the oldest, together we are equal and indispensable members of our community. By caring for one another, living lives of discipleship, or teaching Sunday School, each of us nurture the faith formation of one another.

Follow these links to learn more about our children and adult education programs.