March for Gun Control

As people of faith we are individually committed to justice and service as Christians, but we rarely act alone.  We partner, we collaborate, we march, we lobby, we join together in service, we push others to join us to make the world a better place. We believe that God has called us to justice.  We say, “to believe is to care, and to care is to do.”   Sometimes our partners are religious, and sometimes they are secular non-profit organizations and concerned citizens.  God calls us into these relationships where we are  stretched and challenged by the passions of others, and where we can push others to join us in our faith and passions.  We partner in several ways,


Each month the Social Action and Awareness Commission selects one program or project worthy of our attention and financial support. On the Second Sunday of each month we learn more about these outreach agencies and collect an offering to support their work. 2013 Offerings are:

August 11, 2013 Pathways to Housing, DC Click here to learn more

July 14, 2013 Shaw Community Ministry  Click here to learn more

June 9  Strengthen the Church Click here to learn more

May 12  Michael Joseph and the Peace Commission in Colombia. Click here to learn more

April 14  Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light and Anacostia Watershed Society of Greater Washington  Click here to learn more

March 10 One Great Hour of Sharing  Click here to learn more

February 10 Centro Romero Click here to learn more.

January 13  St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation click here to learn more
and the Bokomoso Youth Choir click here to learn more

Take a look at the complete list of 2012 Second Sunday Offerings.



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