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Rent Our Space

At our historic site in downtown Washington, we designed our new building to be a place of extravagant welcome to all within the context of our longstanding tradition of advocating for the acceptance of, and civil rights for, everyone without regard to age, ability, racial, cultural, or faith background, sexual orientation and gender identity.  We make our meeting and event spaces available at reasonable rates.  It is our desire to use our building to build community across the diverse population of the metropolitan area.  The building was designed without embedding permanent religious symbols in order that those coming to the building for secular events or events of other faith groups would find a place of welcome and affirmation.

Scroll through our space image gallery to view pictures and descriptions of available space.



Rental Requests

Please use the process below for your request. Note that requests to use space outside of our regular building hours (Tuesday – Friday, 9:00AM – 4:30PM) necessitate special arrangements. Please make requests more than 14 calendar days in advance; otherwise, we are unlikely to be able to accommodate, excepting funerals and memorial services.  Please note that we do not rent space to for-profit organizations.

  1. Read the Building Use Policies: Download and read the policy documents appropriate to your intended use. The use agreement requires compliance with these policies.
    1. Building Use Policy
    2. Event Parking Policy
    3. Wedding Policy
    4. Funeral & Memorial Service Policy
    5. Alcohol Policy
  2. Check Space Availability: Contact our Building Manager, Byron Adams (202-628-4317, Tuesday – Friday 9:00AM – 4:30PM, badams@firstuccdc.org) with the following information
    1. Type of event
    2. Expected attendance
    3. Date and time of event
  3. Fill Out the Event Space Request Form (non-church users) once your event has been confirmed with the Building Manager.
  4. Receive invoice and settle usage fee and security deposit in accordance with the dates indicated on the invoice.

For First Church-related events and programs, please use this form.

For maintenance items, please use this form.

More Information

For additional information about the use of our space, rates, and to arrange a visit, please contact our Building Manager, Byron Adams (202-628-4317, badams@firstuccdc.org).