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March Gabriel’s Horn| February 21 Weekly Newsletter

United Church of Christ

Instead of focusing upon unchanging truths,

the United Church of Christ (UCC) strives to unite diverse understandings of Christianity by treating historic creeds and confessions as testimonies, not tests of faith. We say, “whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.” We assert that “God is still speaking.”

In the United Church of Christ, there is no central authority or hierarchy; Christ alone is Head of the church.

Each congregation is autonomous and local churches are governed by their members as guided by the Holy Spirit. Each congregation relates to the wider church family (denomination) through voluntary covenants. Sometimes the UCC is confused with the “Churches of Christ”; this denomination is quite different and does not embrace the progressive social witness characterized by the UCC.

Visit the UCC website to learn more about the denomination, and follow these links to learn more about our regional association and regional conference.