Downtown at 10th and G

res_UCC-5543TThe church is on the lower two floors of a modern, mixed-use building.  Sometimes people drive by and do not realize that we part of that building.  Look for a modern structure with two story grey brick base, eight floors of reflective glass above, and a striking abstract bronze cross on the northeast corner of 10th Street and G Streets.

By Auto

Tenth Street is one way southbound. G Street runs two-way east-wes.  We have parking for visitors under the building on Sunday mornings. Come along H Street and then turn south on 10th Street.  Half way down the block turn left into an small one-way street called G Place which runs behind our building and the Martin Luther King Library.  Our garage entrance is on the right at the far back corner of the building.  Drive to the bottom of the ramp, take a ticket, find a spot (but not one marked reserved), and take the church elevator (not the office elevators) to “1” or the ground floor where you’ll be greeted in the Narthex.   We will validate your ticket for parking so you will not need to pay.  Event parking:  Please note that free parking is not available for those attending events at the church produced by others unless it has been specifically contracted for.  You should assume that you will have to pay for parking unless the event organizer specifically indicates that they are providing free parking.  And not all event producers pay to have the garage opened for their events.  If the garage is not open, there is usually parking available on the street or in nearby parking garages.

If you want to use GPS to get directions to parking, type in  980 G Place NW and it will give you directions through the one-way streets to the parking garage entrance.

By Metro

How will we welcome you?

Take a train to Metro Center. Exit Metro Center at the 11th Street exit (east). As you come up to the street you will be facing south at the top of the escalators and the street on your right will be 11th Street. Turn right or left and double back to the cross street (G Street), turn right and go one block to 1oth Street. The church is the modern building on the northeast corner of 10th and G Streets with an abstract bronze cross supporting the corner of the building.

Or take a train to Gallery Place. Exit at the Galleries exit (9th Street) that brings you up to the corner of 9th and G Streets, N.W.  As you come off the escalator, turn right. Cross 9th Street and proceed west along G Street passing the Martin Luther King Library.  The church is just past the Library . You’ll see the glass portion of the building which projects out past the Library building line. The entrance into the church faces G Street.