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Worship with Us This Sunday

Worship with Us This Sunday

Click here to worship with us by Zoom at 10:30 on Sunday morning as we mark the first Sunday in our Lenten journey and introduce the theme, “Again and Again.” Polly Gordon will lead us in the Lenten candle liturgy and also serves as our soloist. Rev. Sam will introduce the season of Lent in the Children’s Moment. Rev. Laura Johnson will read our scripture text on the temptation of Christ in the wilderness, and Rev. Amanda will preach. Again and again, we face the temptations of ego, power, and security. Again and again, we discover the divine gift of the freedom to choose–to choose love, mercy, and justice. 

To prepare for worship: This Lenten season we will begin with six candles lit on the worship table, one for each week of our journey. Each week, we will extinguish a candle as we move deeper into the shadows cast by the cross. We invite you to mark Lent at home with six candles. You might choose purple candles, the color of Lent. On Sunday mornings, participate in the Lenten candle liturgy with us and extinguish one of your candles. 

Following worship join us for our Zoom coffee hour, a time of fellowship with one another. The optional discussion question this week will be: How are you holding up in this stage of the pandemic? Join us! 

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