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Advent Wreaths and Table Tents for Your Home

Advent Hope

Advent Wreaths & Table Tents for Your Home

November 29 marks the start of the season of Advent and a new year in the Christian Calendar. This year we invite everyone to create their own Advent wreath at home so we can light Advent candles together each Sunday morning in worship from home. Click here for an instructional video from Rev. Amanda and Simon including a few possibilities for making your own wreath. In Advent, we prepare our hearts to receive the sacred mystery of Jesus Christ being born among us once more. It is a season of great expectation and waiting. As a gift to accompany you in this season, First Church will send to active families/individuals a packet of table tents to be cut out and put together, one for each week of Advent and one for Christmas Eve. Each tent will include a reflection on our theme of Hygge: The Art of Comfort & Coziness and the weekly theme (Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love), a prayer, spiritual practices, and family activities. As we pray these prayers and engage in these practices together, may we be united across space and time this blessed season.