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May Gabriel’s Horn| May 24 Weekly Newsletter

Bible Study: How Our Lives Shape Our Understanding of Mark

When we are young, we are told that no two snowflakes are the same.  It’s a simple fact but awe-inspiring to ponder…  How in each snow storm, can billions of snowflakes have their own unique molecular structure?  How can they each have their unique journey of forming in the clouds, falling through the sky, and landing – maybe on a tree branch, a sidewalk, the fur of a dog, or even a tongue.

The same can be said for us.  Each of us is unique.  We all come from different backgrounds, and had different influences that helped form who we are today.  We bring our uniqueness to how we encounter God, the church community, and even how understand the Bible.

Beginning on Sunday, September 15, at 9:15 am, Rev. Pojen Lee and I invite you to join us in a bi-weekly Bible study, where we explore the Gospel of Mark by identifying the unique ways that our life experience helps shape and understand how we interpret the life of Jesus, Jesus’ call to action, and what our call is now to live out our faith.

In addition to the Gospel of Mark, we will be reading Preaching Mark in Two Voices by Rev. Dr. Brian K Blount and Rev. Gary Charles.  In this enlightening book, Rev. Blount and Rev. Charles share how their own experiences growing up in America – one white, one black – not only informed their understanding of the Gospel, but also encouraged them to construct their sermons towards the social, economic and cultural context of their congregation and the world. 

We will begin this Sunday with an overview of the bible study, a description of the Gospel of Mark, and personal sharing about how our own formative experiences, positive or negative, have shaped how we understand who God and Jesus are to us.  We will also provide copies of the Scripture and the book reading for the next class.

Please contact Sam McFerran (mcferran.sam@gmail.com) if you would like a copy of the book.  We hope you can join us for some of these sessions.