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First Church Joins Effort to Pay Off Medical Debt

First Church Joins Effort to Pay Off Medical Debt

Medical debt is a crisis in the United States. Forty-three million Americans owe about $75 billion in past due medical debt. Medical debt contributes to more than 60% of all bankruptcies. 75% of all individuals in medical bankruptcy had health insurance coverage. Lives, households, and dreams are sinking under loads of medical debt.

First Church is joining other congregations in the D.C. area to erase crushing medical debt for people living below the poverty level. During March and April, participating DMV congregations will raise funds to abolish medical debt for those living in the communities served by our churches.

The multi-congregational goal is $25,000, which will erase around $2 million or more in medical debt. First Church will continue to raise funds; this will include funds from April’s Second Sunday Offering on Easter Sunday, April 12. 

The funds we collect will go to RIP Medical Debt. This is a New York-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that identifies and purchases medical debt for pennies on the dollar.  RIP Medical Debt (ripmedicaldebt.org) also identifies the eligible individuals, whose debt will be paid off.  Please contact Olivia Hoynes or Rev. Sam McFerran on how to contribute ohoynes@gmail.com or mcferran.sam@gmail.com.