April Second Sunday Offering on April 11

Anacostia Watershed Society

Since 1989, the Anacostia Watershed Society has been uniting the watershed communities in the shared goal of protecting and restoring the Anacostia River. You can find us out in the wetlands, in classrooms, and on the river itself as we work to restore natural systems, stop new pollution, and inspire people’s passion for a cleaner river.

The Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) is the leading member-supported organization dedicated to restoring the Anacostia River and its watershed communities. We rely on gifts from friends like you.

With your gift to AWS, you are supporting a very special natural area in the heart of the city. As you help bring the river back to health, it becomes a place for people and wildlife to thrive together. You can be part of one of the region’s best success stories and put your mark on the river which grows closer to swimmable and fishable each moment.

Your gift supports the beauty of the Anacostia River now and the vibrant life in its future. And your generosity will flow downstream as cleaner, clear water from the Anacostia and its tributaries flows ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay.

Please give generously. COVID-19 has reduced the number of volunteers, but the work must go on.