Second Sunday Offering on May 9: Food Justice DMV

By James Moore

On Mother’s Day think about the sustenance and security that every parent wants to provide for their family. My mother, of blessed memory, could always provide my nutritional needs. For our immigrant siblings, food justice and security are difficult challenges. That’s why you are being asked to generously support Food Justice DMV for this month’s Second Sunday Offering.

With extraordinary bravery and tenacity, immigrants risked it all to get here. Then the pandemic hit, further revealing deep inequities about who gets to eat. Food Justice DMV is a local volunteer colectiva delivering food and standing in solidarity with thousands of our immigrant siblings. They deliver justicia in a grocery bag. 100% of their funds go to our Black and Brown siblings pushed off the economic cliff with no safety net. Your generous donation can be the safety net.

Together we can do incredible things to reduce food insecurity. Food Sanctuary DMV receives thousands of requests area wide, from parents who just want to feed their children, have diapers, and give milk to their babies. In one year they delivered food justice to over 130,000 people. The need only escalates.

To see how they reduce food insecurity one familia at a time and to learn about their dynamic volunteer opportunities go to   Thank you for your generous giving.