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April Gabriel’s Horn| April 5 Weekly Newsletter

It’s Time for Summer Singers!

It’s Time for Summer Singers!

The arrival of summer brings many seasonal changes to our area- but one significant change at First Church is the morphing of “regular” choir into “Summer Singers”.   Regular Thursday night choir rehearsals are suspended for the summer and Sunday service music is prepared on Sunday mornings prior to morning worship.   This is a less strenuous singing schedule which each year brings some new voices into the choir

setting…. while others simultaneously migrate to summer homes and vacation locations.

If you have been curious about singing in the choir or just find yourself available on Sunday mornings, arise a little earlier than usual and “join the choir” for the summer months of June and July. It’s fun and the assembled group produces some really beautiful worship music.  The selections for summer are usually of a “lighter” nature and quite easily prepared in the 45 minutes before each week’s worship service.

There is no audition for Summer Singers so don’t worry about that − just show up and become part of the summer musical scene at First Church.

We sing during June and July only − the month of August is for reserved for instrumental solos and impromptu music groups.  I hope to see you at 9:30 for Summer Singers at some point this summer.

Come join us!

 “Acclaim with jubilation the singer and the song. Come out of isolation for to sing is to belong.”