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Lenten Nurtures: Walking the Lonesome Valley, March 8 and 15

Walking the Lonesome Valley: Lenten Nurture Series

March 8 and 15, 2020 at 12 noon in the Sanctuary

Led by Rev. Barbara Gerlach

Jesus walked the lonesome valley; he had to walk it by himself.

O, nobody else could walk it for him. He had to walk it my himself

 We must walk this lonesome valley; we have to walk it by ourselves.

O, nobody else can walk it for us. We must walk it by ourselves.

 During Lent we follow Jesus during his 40 days wandering alone in the wilderness. After his baptism, Jesus is driven into the desert where he experiences three temptations or considers three alternative paths for his life. He returns from his time alone with a clearer sense of who he is and what he is called to do. Knowing he needs companions in his ministry, he calls his disciples to walk and watch with him. We have all had experiences of walking the lonesome valley. What were the experiences or questions that drove you there?  What did you discover and learn along the way? Where did you come out or find in yourself as you emerged from your solitary journey?