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Middle and High School Youth: Taking Our Faith to the Streets

Poor People's Campaign Youth

Taking Our Faith to the Streets:

A Journey for Our Youth to Study Justice and Our Role to Help Transform Our Communities and the World

Through October and November, our middle school and high school youth will go through a six-week exploration of Social Justice.  We have 11 youth who have signed up for this dynamic journey. 

This exciting project will be in partnership with The Center, a progressive faith based non-profit committed toward justice formation for youth and building strong and just communities in Baltimore. Their leaders, Rev. Kate Foster Connors and McKenna Lewellen, will serve as the primary teachers.  The curricula is grounded in progressive theology, public policy, and principles of community organizing. Rev. Foster Connors and Ms. Lewellen will also include important voices from the Baltimore area by inviting faith leaders, non-profit executives, and activists to participate in these lessons.  Rev. Sam will accompany Rev. Kate and Rev. McKenna and the youth throughout the journey. 

The unit will be taught in a hybrid model that combines weekly Zoom gatherings with activities for the youth to do in their communities.  For the at-home activities, the youth will practice tools they have learned which will help them analyze and critique their community through a justice lens. 

We are so grateful for the Center and for our Youth for embarking upon this meaningful exploration of faith and justice. 

Rev. Sam