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September Gabriel’s Horn|September 20 Weekly Newsletter

Music at First Church During the Pandemic

Music Month in Review

Music at First Church During the Pandemic

John Horman, Director of Music

In lieu of the usual review of music we have experienced in worship over the last month, I’d like to explain how and why music has been “a little” different recently.  In order to produce music usable for an online format, the health crisis compelled me to seek alternative musical resources and formats.  Here are some changes – some of which you already know, and others which may be new to you:

  • To guarantee safe personal distancing, our choir has gone on hiatus until the health crisis eases.  The choir will be joining worship through virtual means soon.
  • Because First Church is rich in talented singers and instrumentalists, soloists have volunteered to share their talents in worship.
  • Some outside instrumentalists who have enriched worship services in the past have been solicited to again share their skills for worship.
  • Video and audio tapes of musical selections have been created for Sunday mornings.
  • Hymns have been recorded in my home (fortunately, a recent tuning provides me with a beautiful instrument to use).
  • Videos of instrumentalists and soloists who have performed for worship in the past have been utilized.
  • Some audio and video tapings are still happening at First Church with organ and piano in the sanctuary-while maintaining safe personal distancing.
  • I am organizing and archiving a queue of potential musical selections for the next 4-6 weeks of online worship services. Please let me know if you have something to contribute to it.  

I am discovering more new and before now hidden talents in the first Church congregation every day. Though I’m being challenged to stretch my ability into a technical world with which I’m unfamiliar, I’m discovering a much fuller picture of just how deep both the talent pool and the willingness to share are at first Church.  Let the people say, “Amen!”