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November Second Sunday Offering: Strengthen the Church

November 8 Second Sunday Offering:

UCC’s Strengthen the Church

The UCC’s Strengthen the Church Off­ering furthers the work of our conference and the national UCC as we work together to strengthen and renew existing congregations, fund leadership development, and provide exciting new programs for youth and young adults.

The UCC strives to be a faith-forming, multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, globally-minded movement to transform ourselves and our world.  As you consider this offering, please reflect on the ways the vision of the UCC touches your own heart and soul.

  • where do you see our church changing lives?
  • how has our church changed your life?
  • what vision of the future of the UCC most gives you hope?
  • why are you committed to work and generosity to help that vision come true?

One of the focuses is on programming for youth and young adults.  A starting point is the fact that our nation is amazingly diverse, representing different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Yet most of us live in communities marked by sameness, among people who think, act, and look like us. How do we realize the vision of experiencing unity among a diverse crowd? Through the funds provided by the Strengthen the Church Off­ering, The Penn West Conference provides a wonderful example. To support youth programming, this year, the Conference awarded grants to First Church in Irwin and First Church in Greensburg to send young people to the National Youth Event (NYE). Conference Minister David Ackerman explains why it matters, saying, “At National Youth Event, our youth get a sense of the width and breadth of the UCC. Most of our youth come from smaller rural churches. At NYE, they meet other youth from diff­erent backgrounds and come away with a sense of being united.”

Every Conference faithfully uses your gift to invest in God’s vision for the Church. Please give generously to the UCC’s Strengthen the Church O­ffering on November 8.  Together, we can invest in God’s vision of the Church.