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Our Faith, Our Vote 2020



Three (3) Sundays Left until November 3.

 VA started early in person voting September 18!

 MD starts early in person voting October 26.

 DC starts early in person voting October 27.


  • Are you registered to vote? Don’t know? Call or go online with your local Board of Elections to find out. Registration online, by email or mail is now CLOSED. BUT DC and MD allow same day registration at in person voting sites.


  • Will you vote by mail? If you are already registered to vote:
    • DC automatically sent you a ballot the first week of October
    • MD automatically sent you a request for a ballot to fill out and return no later than October 20.
    • You must request an absentee ballot in VA by October 23

Carefully complete your ballot as soon as you receive it. Some ballots require your signature on an outer mailing envelope AND an inner ballot envelope. Follow the instructions. Failure to do so may require the election board to not count your ballot! All three jurisdictions are providing postage free return envelopes.

Put your ballot in the regular mail OR in an election dropbox near you that each of the three jurisdictions are providing for this election. Go to your jurisdiction’s official website or call to find the location of a dropbox near you. 

STEP THREE:   Already registered and ready to vote in-person? Where will you vote?

Some of the familiar polling places have changed locations due to the corona virus in order to provide appropriate social distancing for in-person voters. Check your jurisdiction’s website to get the correct list of your polling places.

Official websites and phone numbers for DMV voting questions:

WWW.DCBOE.ORG  (202)727-2525



Questions? Concerns? Confusion? Contact Diane Brenneman at dmbrenneman46@aol.com

Call the ACLU Election Protection Hotline if you have any problems voting:

English: 1-866-687-8683  Spanish: 1-888-839-8682  Arabic: 1-844-925-5287