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Sharing Our Identity and Building Community

Sharing Our Identity and Building Community

The Second of Two Valuable Conversations on March 10

Please join us for the second of these important nurtures where we will explore how sharing our own stories can help us become a stronger community.  We will employ useful tools, like the Identity Wheel and a hidden bias worksheet that encourage both personal reflection and story sharing.

We are so fortunate that Lynaya Morris will help lead this nurture with Sam McFerran.  In addition to being a member of our church community, a Masters in Divinity candidate at Wesley Seminary, she is an expert at helping others learn more about their identities, as well as explore their talents and their strengths.  She currently serves as a Career Exploration Coach at The George Washington University.  She is certified in using a number of assessments to help students learn more about themselves − including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory − and she is a Strengthquest Facilitator. Lynaya also has a Master’s in Education & Human Development from George Washington University.

The first conversation focused on reflection of our identity, while the second will focus on hidden bias.  Together, we hope to grow and learn so we can become a stronger community. If you have any questions, please feel reach out to Lynaya at lynaya.morris@gmail.com or Sam at mcferran.sam@gmail.com