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Singing Our Way through Lent and Holy Week to Easter

Singing Our Way through Lent and Holy Week to Easter:

A Musical Banquet of Hymnody

Sunday, March 1, following Worship

At noon on Sunday, March 1, First Church Music Director John Horman will lead a noontime nurture introducing members and visitors to old and new hymns and songs of faith specifically designated for the Lenten season.  With the introduction of new denominational hymns and supplements over the last 20 years, a vast array of new hymns and songs have been added to the already rich heritage of available hymnody.  Drawing from the influence of global music, hymns from Iona, hymns from the Taizé communities, African American spirituals and the steady supply of original hymns written every day, we have a banquet of musical resources from which to choose.

Come and feast at the musical table of Lent and Holy Week.  Subjects covered in this nurture will be:

  • What is the difference between cyclic and sequential hymns?
  • Why are tune names important?
  • What is meant by the term, “Meter of the hymn”?
  • Is there a difference between spiritual songs and hymns?
  • What makes a hymn or spiritual song “good”? Is it a matter of taste?
  • What is distinctive about Lenten hymns?
  • Given a specific scripture, how do you find a hymn that matches it?
  • What is “congregational song”?