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Sunday Nurture: A Vocational Response to an Unraveling World, This Sunday following Worship

A Vocational Response to an Unraveling World

July 19 (5 minutes after worship)

Remembering our Baptism

Re-Aligning Our Life with Our Values

Responding with Conviction


Hannah Long Higgins, Video Journalist

Peter Tracey, DC Lawyer

Melissa Ho, Agriculture Development and Conservation Specialist

Please join us for this exciting conversation about how we are responding to an unraveling world – a world unraveled by pandemic, violence against people of color, climate change, and social and economic challenges. We are so grateful to Hannah, Peter and Melissa for sharing their stories about how this moment has impacted them, what they have learned about themselves, and how they have responded.   We will then open the conversation to hear from you.  Please contact Rev. Sam at mcferran.sam@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to participate in the August 9 nurture, A Personal Response to an Unraveling World.