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Worship with Us This Sunday

Worship with Us This Sunday:

Communion and Labor in the Pulpit Sunday

Click here to worship with us by Zoom this Communion Sunday at 10:30 as we celebrate, alongside other churches, mosques, and synagogues, the theme “Labor in the Pulpit.” As we spotlight economic justice as it relates to laborers and working class families, this year we will focus on the Cheyenne River Reservation and Simply Smiles, a non-profit dedicated to advancing equity for indigenous people in the areas of the economy and health. Jasmine Martier, the Volunteer Coordinator of Simply Smiles, will serve as our guest preacher. The service will include Lakota music, our youth will serve as liturgists and scripture readers, and Rev. Amanda will lead us in the breaking of the bread. Please remember to set your own table with the elements of bread and cup, which we will bless together

Nurture: A Conversation with Lakota Activist Madonna Thunderhawk

Five minutes after worship, we will regather by Zoom to engage a conversation between Lakota Activist Madonna Thunderhawk and her daughter, Marcella Gilbert, about the current situation on the reservation, where unemployment is high and economic opportunity scarce. Join us! 

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September 6 Worship Bulletin

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