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July Gabriel’s Horn| July 12 Weekly Newsletter

Youth Trip Heads to South Dakota

The youth group is very excited to head to the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota for service, new friendships, and community building this June.  Through our partnership with Simply Smiles, we will help run a summer camp for youth between the ages of 4-17, as well as assist with various construction projects.  We are grateful for our youth Aoife, Breanna, Lily, Mai, Marlyse, Patrick, and Raine for signing up for this adventure during their busy summers!  They have been working hard raising money for the trip, reading about Native American history, and going on a great kick-off event to the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian

We are also so fortunate to have four incredible adult leaders.  Joining Sam will be Troy Bent from the Church, as well as Sam’s cousin Courtney from New Zealand, and his friend, Alan, from Colorado who is a real-life rocket scientist!  

We could not have even dreamed of this trip without the financial support and prayers of the congregation to make this trip possible!