Youth Drop-in Center

Due to Corona Virus concerns, the Youth Drop-in Center is currently remaining closed.  Please check back for updates.

Take Action to Support Sasha Bruce Youthwork:

Sasha Bruce’s Drop-In Center team is immersed in life saving work at their 8th Street Drop-In site every day.  First Church can support this work by providing the following:

1) Tote Bags – for the many “to go” bags being distributed. They are completely out at this point and using trash bags as a substitute.

2) Handmade Masks – They have 3 boxes of the disposable masks. Washable ones which can be used more than once would be a welcome substitute.

3) Notes of Encouragement – Notes are being hung on the stairwell so as folks enter and leave they know they are surrounded by love and prayers throughout the community.

4) Gift Cards – This has been the easiest way to get assistance to folks who ask for help with a variety of needs.  From using a Visa gift card to help an unemployed young person pay a phone bill so they can stay connected and online… to Instacart-ing pampers to a Mom in need, having a  stock of Visa cards on hand to meet needs as they arise would be welcome.

5) Metro Cards – for folks who do still have to get to work and those who may have lost income but still need to get around to meet basic needs.

If you are able to provide any of these items, you can ship them directly to Sasha Bruce Youthwork or drop them off at: 745 8th St. SE in Washington DC. If you plan to drop off, please call the office to make arrangements at 202-675-9340.


Youth Drop-in Center at First Church

First Church is bringing hope and help to homeless youth and other youth in need of services in the downtown area through a drop-in center that we are operating in partnership with Sasha Bruce Youthwork and the Downtown Business Improvement District.

The drop-in center serves individuals 18-24.  The center, which is operated at First Church from 6 until 9 p.m. on Monday nights, provides a meal, games, a movie or other entertainment and testing for HIV.  Youth also are provided with hygiene packs, which include basic toiletries and supplies.

The drop-in center continues the First Church legacy of engaging directly with our community and working to address issues of homelessness. With support from the Facilities and Social Action and Awareness Commissions, Church Council and staff, First Church agreed opened the center on August 15, 2016. Youth attendance during the first three weeks ranged from 16 to 36 people, greatly exceeding initial estimates of three to five youth per week during the start-up phase.

Throughout this process, First Church members have asked that we ensure that we provide meaningful volunteer opportunities as part of the partnership.  Sasha Bruce led a training and orientation session for volunteers earlier this month.  First Church members and friends Tory Christensen, Monte Hillis, Taylor Sweeney, Nancy Tokola and Priscilla Waters completed the training and have jumped in already.  Rev. Sid Fowler, senior minister, and Rev. James D. Ross, social action community organizer, also participated in the training.