Giving to First Church

Rooted in LoveWhat Gift Can We Bring has been our theme for this year’s financial campaign and each Sunday since mid-October we have heard testimony about gifts people have found in their lives and in this church.

Chris Byrne reminded us that those quiet moments in worship are a gift in the midst of our often too busy lives.

Ellen Bushmiller painted a vivid picture of her nephew receiving an unexpected gift then went on to lift up the testimony of another church member who shared something moving and personal that touched her, she named this vulnerability as a gift.

Diane Brenneman shared a lovely story of how her younger sister went from being someone to ignore to a deeply loved sibling.

Hannah Long-Higgins made us smile when she told of the lengths she went to avoid telling someone she went to “Church!” even as she recounted our many virtues.

Jason Carson Wilson not only shared how much the acceptance of this church has meant to him, but painted a picture of his Grandmother and how proud she would be to know he is a pastor.

Each person who spoke shared with us in a way that is not often found in other facets of our lives. The vulnerability, trust and caring that is an important part of our First Church Community was in evidence in each of these testimonies.

On Commitment Sunday we are all invited to not only share our financial commitment to First Church for the year ahead but also other ways we will support the church. The card you received in the mail and which is available online also invites you to think of how else you might support First Church in its work and ministries. What gift can YOU bring that will help us become more fully the beloved community.

It has been gratifying to see us slowly regather in person on Sunday mornings, to hear the children’s voices, to welcome our new Director of Music Ministry, Leela Koilpillai, and make the music that has always been an important part of our worship. It has not been an easy time to be the church in recent years as we have tried to continue our commitments. Amanda and Sam have been so faithful in their ministry to us and with us in one of the more challenging times we have had to be the church. Let us join them in faithfulness as we make our commitments for this coming year.

Jean Alexander and Nick McConnell