Giving to First Church

Because of you, our church changes lives is the theme for the 2024 Stewardship campaign. Below several of our members offer their thoughts on the importance of First Church and why they give:


To me, the congregation has been the core and constant of First Church throughout my time as a member. We have dealt with our share of change and adversity, and I appreciate the congregation for pulling through those times together, but that is not what impresses me most. The thing that I love most about our congregation is seeing the thoughtfulness that lives within us. People put tremendous care into sharing their thoughts and talents in worship, in nurtures, in remarks about joining the church, sometimes even in coffee hour, and I am moved by those gifts. I feel good in turn about giving to support our community. I know that even as things change, and sometimes because things change, the church will remain a source of light.” –Mark Jensen


Giving is personal to me, never transactional.  It’s a way of staying connected to my values and beliefs and supporting those who work on behalf of others.  That’s why I support First Church.  It sustains me and is also committed to the larger community.” – Dwan Reece


“When I think about the fall stewardship campaign, “Because of You Our Church Changes Lives” my mind immediately goes to its steadfast commitment to LGBTQ lives. It has not only changed my life, but it has saved the lives of many LGBTQ individuals. First Church is a beacon in the dark night created by evangelicals spewing lies and hatred about the LGBTQ community. Right now, trans people are facing some of the most vile rhetoric from so-called Christian leaders. My stewardship commitment is an extravagant welcome to all LGBTQ individuals with a simple message: You have a faith home at First Church. I hope you join me in pledging this fall.” –David Greer


“First Church has made my world larger and has made this city feel smaller. The friendships and connections I have made here have enriched my life beyond measure, and it’s such a gift to be a part of a community that shares my core values. I give so that I can pay it forward and hope that others can also experience the beauty that is First Church.” – Hannah Long-Higgins


Throughout this Stewardship season we invite you to consider making a financial commitment to the life and ministry of First Church for the year ahead. Additionally, the pledge card (available online) invites you to consider additional ways you may pledge support First Church in its ongoing work. Your gifts of time and resources allow us to be the beloved community in Washington, DC. Because of you, our church changes lives.

Karen Tramontano, stewardship chair