Worship with Us this Sunday
Click here to worship with us this Sunday as we remember the baptism of Jesus and welcome guest preacher the Rev. Fredrick Robinson into our virtual pulpit. Sandy Sorenson will offer a Call to Worship as she reflects on the year-anniversary of the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. Rev. Sam will lead the service and offer a children’s moment. Our scripture readers will be Joe Mills (Isaiah 62, excerpted) and Brendan McFerran (Matthew 3, excerpted) and the sermon theme is “Beloved and Commissioned.” We will enjoy the choral anthem “Sing Noel,” and choral benediction “Arise, Your Light is Come,” directed by Polly Gordon. Dr. Karen Bartman will serve as our guest musician. As a reminder, we have returned to Phase 2 of our regathering plan, which allows for staff and worship leaders in the sanctuary. We invite all others to join us by Zoom.
Following worship, please join us for an important hearing on the church’s 2022 annual budget. The Finance Commission and Treasurer will present the details on a proposed budget to be offered for congregational approval on January 23, 2022 at our annual meeting. Please mark your calendar for both the hearing and the annual meeting and plan to attend. The hearing will begin 10 minutes after worship on the same Zoom link. All are welcome.