Afghan Refugees

The Sanctuary Committee is thrilled to inform you that we are partnering with the Sikh
Gurdwara community in Rockville, Maryland to sponsor an Afghan family through the Lutheran
Social Services’ Good Neighbor Program (GNP). Through the GNP, we will be paired with an
Afghan family and will set up an apartment with all of the necessary furnishings and household
supplies. We will also provide adjustment support to the family, including transportation to and
from necessary appointments.

We’ve let Lutheran Social Services know that we’re ready to be paired with a family ASAP and
are just waiting for our match. If you have furniture or other household items that you would
like to donate to the effort, please email Lindsay Swisher ( as she is
keeping a spreadsheet of donations to compare it to the list of what we need to provide.

Byron has graciously given us use of one of the cages in the parking garage where we can store
items. We will announce specific drop-off dates via email soon! If you’re unable to drop off
donations during the announced windows of time, please let Lindsay know and she’ll work with
you to find another time.

This will be a longer term relationship where we help support a family in resettling over the
next 6 months to 1 year, so rest assured there will be other opportunities to get involved. In the
meantime, we thank God for this loving, caring community, and pray for the continued health
and safety of not only the Afghan refugees, but of those still in Afghanistan.