Worship with Us this Sunday

Worship with us this Fourth Sunday in Lent

Click here to join us by Zoom or click here to sign-up to join us in the sanctuary for worship this fourth Sunday in Lent as we continue our theme, “the Breath of Life” and welcome Lynaya Morris, M.Div, into our pulpit as our preacher. Nora Marsh will serve as our Lenten candle liturgist, extinguishing our fourth Lenten candle as we journey deeper into the shadows of the season. Abigail Cipparone and Dwan Reece will offer the song of response. Rev. Sam will offer a time with our children, then lead them in Sunday school (in the community hall). Hannah Long-Higgins and Moira Jones will serve as our scripture readers with texts from Psalm 136 and 1 John 4:7-12 (God is love). The choir will sing the anthem, “A Living Faith,” written by John Shepherd, and Dennis Turner will serve as our musician. We will sing the closing hymn congregationally. We will also share in prayers of the people.