Worship with our Young Adults this Communion Sunday
Join us at 10:30 in the sanctuary or click here to join us by Zoom as our Young Adults lead worship on this Communion Sunday. Hannah Long-Higgins will share her gifts of music and testimony, providing the prelude and postlude music on the cello and offering a moment for stewardship. The song “I Woke Up This Morning” will call us to worship with Michael Hopkins on percussion. Lauren Eber and Austen Beaird will serve as our scripture readers with focus texts from Micah 6:6-8 and Luke 22:24-30. The First Church choir will sing the anthem, “Salmo,” Psalm 150 in Portuguese. Erin Williams, Emily Laing, and Chris Byrne will speak a prayer dedicated to Oscar Romero. Thaddeaus Elliott will provide the message. Rev. Laura Johnson and Rev. Sam McFerran will lead us in the communion liturgy, and Abigail Cipparone and Michael Hopkins will offer special music as we receive the elements. Join us!
The Sunday school teaching team will offer Sunday school for our children; Sunday School will begin this week at 10:30 in the Christian Education Suite, then the children will join us for communion.
Following worship, join us outdoors or on Zoom for coffee and fellowship, followed by an intergenerational sing along with our Director of Music Ministry, Leela Koilpillai. We especially invite children and youth to join our adults to learn a piece that will be shared in worship on November 13th; all are welcome.