Join us at 10:30 on Sunday morning in the sanctuary or click here to join us by Zoom as we mark All Saints’ Sunday and speak aloud, for the first time, the names of the ancestors who worked as enslaved laborers on the land on which our church now sits. Karen Pence will call us to worship with a stewardship testimony reflecting the theme, “Because of You, our Church Changes Lives.”  Dr. Renee K. Harrison of Howard University’s School of Divinity will serve as a worship leader, alongside Rev. Amanda, as we remember those who have gone before us. Focus texts will come from Psalm 90:1-6 and Matthew 22:34-40 (greatest commandments). Vocalist David Griffiths will weave our service together through music, and the First Church Choir will sing the anthem, “Goin’ Home.” Stations of lament and healing will invite participants into opportunities for blessing, prayer, reflection, renewal, and laying burdens down. Join us.


Important Notes about this Sunday’s worship service:

1. Please bring a photograph of a beloved, departed one to place on the worship table when invited to do so near the beginning of worship.

2. This worship service will be recorded by professional video journalists, directed and edited by our own Hannah Long-Higgins who will create a short film about this historic Sunday. Please be aware that if you do not wish to be captured on video, we invite you to worship from the balcony.

3. This worship service will be participatory, inviting forward all in our midst to bring forward photographs and sacred symbols to the worship table near the start of worship (including our children) and, near the end of worship, inviting everyone to participate in a few stations of lament and healing which will be placed around the sanctuary. Please plan to stretch yourself beyond your usual comfort zone to take part.