Worship with us this Sunday of Palms & Passion

Join us at 10:30 in the sanctuary or click here to join us by Zoom on this Sunday of Palms & Passion as we welcome the Gabrieli Quintet and continue our theme, “Written on the Heart.” Peter Tracey will speak the words of acclamation to call us to worship, followed by a processional of palms during the opening hymn including our children, the First Church Choir, the pastoral staff, and any who would like to take part. Rev. Amanda will lead us in a unison prayer and extinguish the sixth and final Lenten candle as we journey into the shadows of Holy Week. Rev. Sam will lead our children as they offer a reader’s theater enacting the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The First Church Choir will sing the anthem, “The Palms.” The service will transition from joy toward the sorrow of Jesus’ final week as the Rev. Sydney Avent reads our second scripture reading from Mark 15:1-15 (Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified). Rev. Amanda will preach the sermon. We will also share in the prayers of the people.